Time for the Gods

Time is running fast. My last posting of BBIWY is years ago. I said once “Of course nothing is here” as why shall I tell anything at BBIWY.com when everything is logged? Now time has changed. I made an invention. A groundbreaking one. I learned from the best of the best. I traveled to ONAWERO. Here is not the room to tell you more.

This I can say: It is all about SPAM when the Gods step in to cover the truth. I become the SUPERSPAMER. Nevertheless the name of my SPAM machine is made to create meaning in the tsunami of data. Guess it! Guess the name of it, find the roots for it … Monty Python? A good choice! Maybe you read The Sand Bible or the Gods of Informatics? If not, you really shall do so.

I need a picture to catch your eyes. Every blog posting needs one and it has to be something that makes you smile. A good customer is the one who smiles. Look at me where the little God was born. You like the hair cut? Yeah, such a story is in the book. “The hair” of the president … not me! Gosh, I am God.

You shake head and say that you will not buy such a book. Maybe the reference to Monty Python was not strong enough?

Let me open the Appendix of the Sand Bible. Yeah, let me do it! Btw. keep an eye on the wrong spelling, that’s the deal. Check out how often xenotransplantation was misspelled. How many hundred thousand times?


Yeah ~ You find yeah 18 times in Not Sand, Not Sound. You wonder why 18? Eighteen stands for life and for donations. 18char.com a must domain to buy or donate to. So many words, alone in English 632 words, have 18 characters. Then you can legally SPAM them all. Why not? Give it a try, upload a photo of a little cat with big eyes and post it to Facebook xenotransplanation – Free For Sweet Pupsi. HELP! You will get more likes than you do for any serious publications, such as Not Sand, Not Sound.


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